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Reverse osmosis. without the downsides

As a result of dedicating five years of energy, resources and creativity, we are accelerating to secure fresh water today, without limiting tomorrow. We are proud to say solar desalination is making its way to become the new standard. Elemental Water Makers is spearheading the way. Allow us to share how.

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What a relief

The recent impact of the hurricanes in the Carribean require a coordinated response. Water is not only life, it's the key to any development, to secure stability, to enable growth, to provide independence, to develop sustainably. Elemental Water Makers is proud to be involved with emergency relief and rebuilding to provide access to fresh water through desalination.

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Winner MBR global water award

We are humbled to have received the 1st prize of the prestigious Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Water Award from the Deputy Ruler of Dubai. Out of almost 140 applicants, all active in the field of desalination and renewable energy

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Active on four continents

The British & US Virgin Islands, Canary Islands, Belize, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Indonesia.. What do they all have in common? As almost all islands and coastal area's, fresh water is scarce while the ocean is abundant. Energy is expensive, while the sun shines every day and there's a steady breeze to enjoy.

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